Mandatory + Statutory Training ('Skills for Health' CSTF) Non-Practical Day - (Every 3 Years)

The content of this course has been verified by Skills for Health as aligning to the UK Core Skills Training Framework

The Health and Safety Group are listed on the Skills for Health Commercial Trainers Directory.

Independent verification of alignment can also be found on the following web page of the CPD Standards Office website:-The CPD Standards Office . The CPD Standards Office have audited and fully accredited The Health and Safety Group Skills for Health aligned CSTF Mandatory and Statutory Training Course.

Many Hospital Trusts and Nursing agencies will be insisting that nursing staff have Mandatory and Statutory Training aligned to the Skills for Health UK Core Skills Training Framework. This means the modules you take on this course WILL be recognised by these organisations!!

All these modules can now be completed on-line via e-learning. If you prefer this form of training please visit HSG E-learning website

You will need to complete this NON-PRACTICAL (Theory) DAY every 3 years.

DAY 2 - NON PRACTICAL DAY (Required Every 3 Years)

  • CSTF Health, Safety and welfare
  • CSTF Equality, Diversity and Human Rights
  • CSTF NHS - Conflict Resolution
  • CSTF Safeguarding Adults (Levels 1 and 2)
  • CSTF Safeguarding Children (Levels 1 and 2)

Why train with The Health and Safety Group?

  • In 2014 The Health and Safety Group were accepted as an Aligned Organisation on The Skills for Health register
  • Our professional trainers have approved qualifications and experience
  • Our mandatory training is delivered with proven traditional classroom training that will provide nursing staff with relevant practical involvement and assessments

PLEASE NOTE:- If your work involves contact with children you will need to also attend the Safeguarding Children - Level 3 Course

Mandatory Training is required for UK healthcare staff including NHS and non-NHS healthcare employees, bank staff and agency staff. Mandatory training is a requirement based upon the responsibility for nursing staff to work in a safe and appropriate manner. Our mandatory training will enable nursing staff to be compliant with their mandatory training requirements.

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This activity is accredited by The CPD Standards office and equates to 7 hours of CPD

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