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Camel Lifting Chair

£1,950.00 + VAT (incl. VAT: £2,340.00)



Unique Fall Recovery

The CAMEL lifting chair is an emergency lifting seat designed to lift a person from the floor to an elevated sitting position with the greatest of ease and speed. It is similar to the Elk Cushion but has and added back support to delivery added comfort and stability.  It is the ‘go to’ piece of equipment to assist fallen people because it facilitates a dignified, fast and reliable recovery. There really isn’t any other piece of equipment that has these unique benefits of either the ELK or the CAMEL.  


Easy To Use

The Camel Lifting Chair is very easy to use and simple to maintain. It is inflated using a battery operated Airflo Compressor using a simple hand control AND it can be operated by only one carer. To operate the Camel Lifting Chair requires very little training!


Low Maintenance

After use The Camel Lifting Chair is easy to deflate, fold away and stored in it carry bag provided. This equipment can be used both indoors and outdoors and is designed to be easily cleaned and disinfected


The CAMEL Cushion + Compressor both come with a 2 year manufacturers’ warranty, the battery pack within the Compressor has a 6 month manufacturers’ warranty.




  • Provides a safe, comfortable and dignified lift for a fallen person
  • Backrest gives superior support and is particularly useful for plus size / bariatric patients
  • Reduces the risk of injuries to the carer
  • Can be used in confined areas and is totally mobile
  • Delivers everyday independence to patients and residents


Maximum load: 320kg or 50 stone

Weight of ELK: 6.5kg

Dimensions (Deflated rolled): 76cm x 20cm

Dimensions (Inflated):  70cm Width x 47cm Depth x 112cm Height

Max. air pressure: 0.35 bar (5psi)

Max/Min temperature: +50°C / -15°C

£1,150.00 + VAT (incl. VAT: £1,380.00)