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Complaints and Feedback

If you have a concern or would like to raise an issue with us regarding our services, please complete the form below to raise a formal complaint.

Complaints must be submitted in writing, we are unable to resolve complaints over the phone.

The Complaints Process

Submit your complaint

You can send us a complaint via the feedback form on the
right-hand side of this page. This will generate a high-priority ticket with our head office.

Your complaint is acknowledged

Your complaint will be acknowledged within 2 working days by receipt of email. We may contact you for additional information, if necessary.

We will investigate your complaint

An internal investigation will be initiated to look into your complaint.
This process may take up to 14 working days to complete.

We will report back to you

We will email you with the outcome of our investigation and advise you of any remedial action taken, if applicable.

Complaint Form

Please enter a detailed description of your feedback