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UK’s Leading Healthcare Training Provider

The Health & Safety Group have been providing expert training to the Healthcare sector since 2004. We now train over 100,000 healthcare professionals annually, in a variety of courses.

We provide total training coverage of the UK with 50+ active training centres, and we have flexible in-house training options available for each of our courses. We also provide a range of low-cost, Quality Mark Digital Accredited Elearning modules via www.hsg-elearning.co.uk

Adrian Simpson

Managing Director

I am the founder of The Health & Safety Group and am incredibly proud of all our staffs work to support the healthcare industry. We provide accessible, affordable healthcare training UK-wide, ensuring the highest patient safety standards.

Wenol Messham

Operations Director

I have worked with the Health and Safety group since 2005, from general Business Manager to current Director of Operations. I work closely with the team overseeing the day to day running of the business. I am proud to have been part of The Health & Safety Group’s development & growth.

Polly Harben

Marketing Manager

I've been with HSG since 2015 and my main responsibilities include; managing communications, business development, events and keeping up with all of our lovely clients and customers!

Karla Kuhn

Training Support Team Leader

I am proud to lead the Training Support Team. From allocating trainers to sourcing and booking training venues, I make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently to provide the best possible experience for all of our customers.


Monika Bulikiene

Training Support Manager

Since 2011 I've had a pleasure to participate in many different HSG projects, however Customer Service is my passion. I strive to ensure our customers’ expectations are met, support is provided, and all enquiries are answered effectively and professionally.

Keyur Nakum

Finance Manager

From monitoring the financial health of the business to making sure bills are paid on time, I am responsible for all things financial! With an academic background in Mathematics and 10+ years experience in finance, I am passionate about numbers.

Holly Black

Marketing Assistant

I thoroughly enjoy working for HSG, I am friendly and always want to make sure clients have the best experience with us! Some of my roles include looking after our social media campaigns, conducting market research, and helping onboard new clients.

Naphtali Esprit

Graphic Design & Training Support

I have been with HSG since 2013 and am now part of HSG furniture! As well as supporting the Training Support Team, I am also the company's Graphic Designer. I work on updating the designs of our websites, training material, advertisements, and products.

Poppy Black

Training Support Team

I have worked for HSG since 2019 and bring a lot of enthusiasm and energy to the company. I love problem solving and am always here to listen to your enquiries, whether it be about your booking, or questions about course content, I’m happy to help!

Helia de Yrigoyen

Training Support Team

I've recently joined HSG to help with in-house enquiries and assisting the Training Manager booking venues, allocating our trainers and generally making sure training runs smoothly!

Lucy Robinson

Training Support Team

At HSG I am responsible for looking after all email enquiries that come through and helping answer your questions on the phone.

Jack Davies

Training Support Team

My main responsibilities are ensuring all essential training equipment/stock has been distributed in time to our training venues and issuing certificates to all candidates on the day of their training by 5pm!

Ross Hunter

IT Manager

As the web Architect and Development Manager for HSG I'm responsible for leading and optimising all technical aspects of the company's IT infrastructure and engineering team.

Usha Vishwakarma

IT Manager

As a Development Manager for HSG I am responsible for all aspects of IT development planning and working with the business team to ensure IT delivers the best return on investment across the board.

Why We Stand Out

We are honoured to have received some incredible accreditations and endorsements for the content and the delivery of our training courses over the years.

Our passion goes beyond training, but for the cause of the training itself.


In 2021 we began running a not-for-profit Safeguarding Children Level 3 classroom course, to promote child safety and wellbeing in the UK.

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