Medication Administration Training

Who is the course for?

Healthcare Professionals with the responsibility of receiving, storing, administering and disposing of medication.

Why do staff need the course?

Medication administration is an essential and key area of user/patient care.

Medication can be dangerous when misused but when used effectively is a very powerful tool to alleviate symptoms and improve or prolong a persons life.

Healthcare workers are not only responsible for the safe delivery of medication but also upholding dignity, encouraging independence and respecting choices the service user/patient makes. This is an excellent refresher course for any member of the healthcare team.

Objectives Students will be able to:

  • Identify relevant legislation
  • Understand the 7'R's of medication administration
  • Recognise common medication
  • Understand the importance of record keeping
  • Identify prescribed medication
  • Understand common errors that can occur

Course content

  • Legislation
  • The 8 Rights of Medication Administration
  • Classification & Types of Medication
  • Routes into The Body
  • Maintaining Records
  • Prescribing Medication
  • Types & Reasons for Errors
  • Storing & Disposing of Medication
  • Self-administration & Supporting Independence
  • Contra Indications, Allergies and Overdoses
  • Monitoring Dosage Systems
  • Medication Calculations

Course benefits

This face to face course gets to the heart of Medication Administration, delivering all the information students need in a high impact 3-4 hour session.


Very good course. Very happy! - Sally Morrison

We learned a lot and new medicine administration updates which are important in my daily job - Jose Reynoso

Are you looking to hold a group Medication Administration training course at your place of work? Receive this expert training course, for up to 15 delegates, for as little as £40 per person! For further details, please contact us using this in-house enquiry form

This activity has been accredited by The CPD Standards office and equates to 4 hours of CPD


Course Time 9:30am - 1:30pm (4 hours)

London Waterloo County Hall (Premier Inn) Training Centre

Course Time: 12:30pm - 5:00pm (4½ hours)
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Birmingham (Carrs Lane) Training Centre

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Manchester Airport (Premier Inn) Training Centre

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Medication Administration Training Held at Your Place of Work

Date Your choice
Duration 3 Hours
Fee £595+VAT (15 delegates max)
As little as £40 per delegate

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