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Training DVDs

Introduction to Fire Safety DVD

A great induction title to provide staff with a basic understanding of fire awar... View More

£47.20 (incl. VAT: £56.64)

Fire Prevention

This title shows in graphic detail how fires can start and spread. It also provi... View More

£47.20 (incl. VAT: £56.64)

Extinguishing Fires At Work DVD

This fire safety title shows staff how to use basic fire fighting equipment in t... View More

£47.20 (incl. VAT: £56.64)

Fire Evacuation DVD

Escaping fire is one of the most critical aspects of fire safety. This title pro... View More

£47.20 (incl. VAT: £56.64)

Fire Safety at Work

4 individual fire safety DVD titles:- Introduction to Fire Safety Fi... View More

£49.99 (incl. VAT: £59.99)

People Moving and Handling DVD

Professional and engaging DVD that details People Moving and Handling requiremen... View More

£79.20 (incl. VAT: £95.04)

Breakaway DVD

If your organisation employs Teachers, Nurses, Carers etc, then this two DVD cou... View More

£47.20 (incl. VAT: £56.64)

Manual Handling Essentials DVD


£71.20 (incl. VAT: £85.44)

Health and Safety at Work


£149.99 (incl. VAT: £179.99)

Office Safety Essentials

An engaging and lively approach to office safety! This DVD title shows common ar... View More

£49.99 (incl. VAT: £59.99)