First Responder / Bomb Awareness - Training Course

As a result of the continued threat from UK terrorist attacks and the risk of suspect packages and postal bombs, staff need to know the key signs and tell-tale signs in their working environment. Staff also need to understand systems in place to mitigate these threats, know when and how to evacuate using a chain of command.

Who is this course for?

All key staff including security, management personnel, first aiders, postal staff etc


To prepare key personnel to help prevent a terrorist attack + prepare for aftermath of a major terrorist or emergency incident. The critical time period known as the 'dead zone' is the time just after a major incident and before the emergency services arrive.

Course Content

Throughout the course, delegates will learn how to:

  • Identify the component parts of and explosive devices
  • Deal with telephone threats
  • Know what to do upon discovery of a device including invacuation and evacuation procedures,
  • Detect signs of bombs, postal devices, suicide bombers:
  • Implement personal, vehicle and estate search procedures
  • Relate to consequences of explosions and terrorist attacks
  • Prioritise, treat and remove casualties
  • Co-ordinate with The Emergency Services
  • Assume critical roles if the emergency services are delayed or cannot access the disaster scene
  • Operate 'Command and Control' - the chain of survival
  • Revisit or create a Company Emergency Response plan

Course Benefits

In the event of either preventing or dealing with an explosion or similar incident, fast decisive reactions can literally save lives. 

Turn your staff into life savers today!


This activity has been accredited by The CPD Standards office and equates to 6 hours of CPD

First Responder / Bomb Awareness - Training Course Held at Your Place of Work

Date Your choice
Duration 6 Hours
Fee £795+VAT (12 delegates max)
As little as £67 per delegate

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