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Fire Risk Assessment - Get a Quote

Estimates are based on the information you provide. The quote may change if this information was in any way inaccurate or if any new information comes to light that affects the time needed to complete the Fire Risk Assessments. Audits & Assessments can be carried out throughout the UK.

1. How many staff are there in your organisation?

2. Is the building owned or leased?

3. Does your business share it's building with other tenants?

4. What is the approximate floor area of your premises?

5. What type of activities does your organisation carry out—i.e. what is the nature of your business?

6. Do you have a current fire certificate?

7. Do you have an existing fire safety risk assessment that needs updating or
are you looking to carry out your first assessment?

8. Has anyone received fire safety training within your organisation?
If so what type of training?

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